Do you know Whatsapp Payment has been introduced in India.

Whatsapp Pay (image Courtesy : thenextweb)

WhatsApp, A Unique Insta-Messaging Tools owned by Facebook used by Millions of People across the globe. Whatsapp has its own unique feature like Voice Call, Video Call, Voice Chats, Messaging Service, Location Sharing, Live Location and much more. Whatsapp has introduced its Payment service “Whatsapp Pay” in India and approved by NPCI.

Let us Check how to Enable and use the service and You make the Payment through Whatsapp.

To Enable Whatsapp Payment in your Whatsapp, Follow these steps.

Prerequisite : Updated Whatsapp App, If you have not updated your app, Go to Play store (Android Users) / Apple store (iOS User) to get the App updated.


  1. Launch your Whatsapp App in your mobile.
  2. Now, select Menu (three dots) as shown in the image. Click on the DotsMenu
  3. You will get the options as Payments, as in the image below. Whatsapp Menu
  4. Click on Payment, you will get option to Add payment Method
  5. Click on Add Payment Method, You will get a option with List of Bank,
  6. Select Your Bank, The Bank will verify your Mobile Number.
  7. To Verify Click on Verify Via SMS, The app will ask permission to access SMS in your mobile as shown in the image. Click on “Allow to access” to Verify the OTP.
  8. Now, It will ask you to choose your SIM, which has been linked to Bank.
  9. Once Verified, you will get Messages from your Bank as notification that there is a request to verify your number
  10. You will get a message as “SETUP COMPLETE” once the verification is successful in Whatsapp and now you click on Done. This is how you will setup Whatsapp Pay.

How to Initiate a Transaction in Whatsapp Pay

It is very ease to initiate a transaction in Whatsapp Pay. Let’s make the payment.

  1. Click on Attachment in the Message Tab. Click on Payment.
  2. If the sender is already in Whatsapp Payment, it will ask you to Notify the sender, you can click on “Notify” to Notify the User or you can send the payment to “ANOTHER UPI ID” which the users uses with other service like Phonepe, Paytm, Google Pay (GPAY) or bank’s self UPI.
  3. Enter the UPI ID, as shown in the image below and click on verify.
  4. Once you have entered the UPI ID, You can Pay/Request to the User. Enter the amount you need to transfer and click on send button, it will take to a page where you need to enter UPI PIN. Enter the UPI PIN to initiate the transaction, Make sure the UPI PIN is confidential.
  5. Once you enter the Pin, You can get the Status as Process and Completed.
  6. This is how the Whatsapp Pay can be used.

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