Are you in Tamilnadu, Need to apply Pass for your transit.

Are you struck due to Covid – 19, In Tamilnadu, Govt of Tamilnadu is issuing passes under three different categories.

  • Selected set of Industries can apply.
  • Individuals can apply for marriage, medical emergency, close relative’s death or if stranded only.
  • Exempted activities for which pass need not be applied.
  • You can see the list of service can apply in home page.

Here are the instruction to get the passes.

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Before Start Applying, collect the following details which are required to apply.
  • Download this file and fill all the details.
  • Aadhaar Card (Compress the file and should be less than 500KB)
  • First Name, Last Name, Age, Start location and destination Location

3. Then in the website enter your mobile number, Captcha and Click on Send OTP.

4. You will receive OTP to your Mobile Number.

5. Enter the OTP and Click on Login

6. Now, select the type of application you are applying.

After selecting, there will be three steps.

Fill all the steps (Ensure all the fields are Mandatory)

Then finally submit the application.

You will received a SMS with Acknowledgement.

Once, approved login with the same mobile number and download the pass

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