“Resume” – What is? How to be?


While in the Placement Team, Most of the Pre Final Year and Final Year Students of most of the Educational Institution (Engineering, Arts and Science) are struggling to design their own “Resume”. Here are the few tips that might help you to design a ‘Resume’.

Hey! Hey! Wait!! Wait!!.

Before you start knowing how to design your resume. Read the difference between “Resume” & “Curriculum Vitae” where most of the graduates make the blind mistake. 

What is Resume and Why it is Required?

“Resume” is a French Word Means “TO SUM UP”. This word ‘Resume’ will suits us a lot to describe Education, Work Experience and Skill Sets that we have. This also help us to convey the information to our Employer.


For your Information, In general there are three types of Resume

  • Functional Resume – This is purely based on your Skill Sets.
  • Chronological Resume – Which is focused more when the experience has been highlighted.
  • Combination – Hybrid (i.e., Can be in either order) Mostly Preferred by the Freshers.

What a ‘Resume’ should have?? (Focused more for the Freshers)

To share the complete information to the employer to employee the candidate, these are the few basic informations.

  1. Contact Information
  2. Objective / Career Summary
  3. Educational Qualification
  4. Skill sets
  5. Work Experience
  6. Additional Information viz., Certification, College Awards, Publications, Blog, Hobbies / Interests .

Contact Information

These few details are sufficient to the employer.

  • Full Name with Initials at the end.
  • Email ID (A professional email id like john@gmail.com not as 14john12@gmail.com)
  • Telephone Number / Mobile Number (Mention Your Primary Number)
  • Website / Blog
  • Residential / Communication Address

Objective and Career Summary

This section would highlight the recruiter to know about your Profile.

There are slight difference between Career Summary and the Objective.

Career Summary: which will specifically describes the Career Progress and Achievements

Objective describes the

  • What skill You have mastered
  • How will you fit this job
  • What is your expectation in this job
  • The Objective, If aligned to the Organization Vision and Mission, it will be an added advantage.

For Freshers Choosing “Objective” will be advisable as you will not be having experience.

NOTE: This Objective should be altered based upon the Organization’s Mission and Vision and Job Description.

Educational Qualification

In this section, highlight your academic qualification. It is advisable to mention from the higher qualification to the lowest one.

The list of the information should be in this section.

  • Class Studied / Major you studied viz., B.E., (ECE).
  • Name of the Institution along with the location
  • Year of Graduation
  • Percentage or CGPA to shows your academic performance.

Skill Sets


Here in this section, list the desired skill set for the job post. This is the Critical Segment in your profile which will defines your job. 

There are various skills sets like IT Skill sets, Interpersonal Skill Sets and more..

Note : Mention the level of Knowledge in the skills viz., Proficient, Intermediate, Beginner.

Explain each and every skill sets in 2-3 lines ( This is to understand what exactly you know). This will help the recruiter to throw questions on the skill sets you know.

Work Experience

For Freshers, this section can be used, if you have gone for internship in an organization for at least 30 days. 

List the experience from the recent to the past. Describe each and every experience in 3-4 lines briefly what you have learnt.

Additional Details


You can describe about the following details in this section

  • Certification if any other than academic
  • Awards any
  • Publications — Conference and Journals
  • If You are a blogger, Describe few words about the blog.
  • Volunteering Experience viz., Blood Donation, any Volunteering schemes like National Service Scheme, National Cadet Corps..

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