Internship – Important?

While working as Assistant Professor Cum Training. We used to have interaction with our Alumni about their career and Growth. This a reply from one our Alumni, ” Sir, you have asked us to go for a Internship, but we didn’t take your words, now we are on the sword edge, where we cant get an opportunity to work. Pushing up the doors of Companies for Interviews, but all in vain”

” In Other Hand, Students couldn’t able to sustain the Corporate Environment in terms of Work Culture and they are quitting it at the earliest”

To over come these, Internship could also help students to be stable after their Graduations.

So What is Internship?

Simply putting in a word, it is an opportunity that employers offer to students to work in industries to gain Knowledge and Work Experience in a particular Industry.

Duration of Internship:

Its all depends upon the Company’s Protocol, Usually three or six months. Some Students would have chosen for Part-time Internship in which they work at Company’s office for few days or hours per week.

In Full-time Internship, Students will be working full-time at the Company as Company Employees. Sometime Internship may be for one year, Summer Internship or Quarter or Trimester Internship.

Why – Internships Important?

Basically, Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field. Students learn how does their course suits the real world applications and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger and gain confidence.

An internship can be an excellent way to “try out” a certain career. This will give u a hands on Experience. For Instance, you need to be a Mobile App Developer after your graduation. If you have an Internship in the same domain, you will be very well known to the concept and the Company Environment.

A few Colleges, Internship also count towards course credit. This is dependent on your Individual College requirement. Usually colleges will allow at a maximum of six month as internship.

Who Can Be an Intern?

Interns are usually Graduate Students, while interns are usually from Final or Pre Final Year of their Graduations. Having one and above internships while in college can be very impressive to potential employers.

What Do Interns Do?

The Interns initially they will be a Training for one or two weeks. Later then they will be asked to do the daily task of the company and this will be vary with the same industry. It is largely dependent on the company itself. In some internships, you may do mainly administrative tasks. But in others, you will be an important part of the team, making substantial contributions to the company.

Will I Be Paid?

There are number of paid and unpaid internship. It depends upon the organization and they work culture and nature. If you can afford it, an unpaid internship can still be an extremely useful. Greater work experience when you work smarter and harder, build a portfolio and establish a network of professional contacts which can help you after you graduate.

Will I Be Offered a Job?

Some companies do extend the full time job offer to exceptional performer in the internship, though this is not a guaranteed. To better your chances of this happening, be proactive in your work, pay attention to detail, be willing to listen and take criticism and volunteer for special projects.

Positioning yourself as a hardworking, reliable worker puts you in good standing for consideration. If the company is not hiring at the time your internship ends, do not be disappointed or think it’s a reflection of your work.

It’s often simply a budgeting issue. You can still probably count on them for a glowing reference, which you can leverage when applying for jobs later.

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