Lock Your Aadhaar to Prevent Misuse.

It is Possible to lock your Aadhaar Number Digitally to prevent misuse by a third party. UIDAI has provided a facility for the purpose of Locking. It is first necessary to link a Active Mobile number with you Aadhaar Number to avail this service.

Procedure for Locking / Unlocking Your Aadhaar Number:
1. Go to https://uidai.gov.in/ from your browser, You will see Lock/Unlock Biometric under Aadhaar Service.

2. Enter Your Aadhaar Number and the Security code, there will be an OTP Sent to your Registered Mobile number,

3. Once you have entered your OTP, and then Click on Submit.
4. It will be redirected to a Webpage, where the Option of Biometric Lock / Unlock option will be present.

5. Enter the Security Captch present Over there, Then Choose whether to Lock / Unlock.

If You Lock the Aadhaar, the mis-usuage of the Aadhaar can be be prevented. You need to Unlock it every time when You use it for Authentication Purpose.

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