Check whether Your Card is Active or not?

The Government of India has launched a massive deletion of the PAN Cards those who holds Double or Triple PAN number in order to put an end to practices that involves Incidents of Tax Evasion or occurrence of Black Money or the Purchase of the Benami Property.

This comes after the government made the Linking of PAN Number with the Aadhaar Number compulsory. The Linkage of PAN and AADHAAR has made the e-verification of online tax return a hassle free task.

Since November 8, 2016, the high value denominations of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 were scrapped and a new design of Rs.500 denomination and Rs.2000 has been introduced. This is a clever step taken by the Government of India to curb the black money and counterfeiting of Indian Currency nores.

The most consistent step towards achieving that goal, the last week’s action under which the duplication of PAN Card has been identified and has been deleted or cancelled as many as 11.44lakh PAN cards. This crackdown on multiple PAN cards was necessary to prevent identity theft and purchase of benami properties.

In huge Population Country like India, There were around 25 Crore PAN Card of which a large Junk that is around 11.44lakh were deleted after scrutinizing the TAX RECORDS. There is a chance that your PAN Card may be part of the deleted or Cancelled lot. If you need to Check whether you PAN Card is Active or Not, Follow the steps to check it,

Follow the Steps:
1. Go to the Income Tax E-Filling Website : and Click on Registered User Tab on the Right hand side,

2. Select the Service Tab, in which you will find a sub-tab Know Your PAN

3. Fill all your Personal Details Required to check the status, The details required are Surname, First name, Date of Birth, Gender, Type of Assesses, Mobile Number.

4- After filling all the details, Click on submit, the page will be redirected to next step wherein you will get a One Time Password in your registered mobile number. After submitting the OTP, just click on validate button. You will be given only three attempt in case you have entered it wrong.

5- Finally after submission of the OTP Your Details will be displayed, in which a tab ‘Status’ will show that you PAN Card is Active.

Source: Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express.

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