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Digital India is a Transformatory Program in order to achieve digitally empowered society and knowledge Economy by Engaging Information Technology as a Growth Enginge of “NEW INDIA”

This program has been evvisaged by Department of Electonics and Information Technology. India in the 21st Century must strive ti meet the aspiration of its citizens where the government and its services reach the door step of its citizens and contribute towards a long lasting positive Impact.

“Digital India” would bring in Public Accountability through mandated delivery of Government Services electronically, a unique ID and e-Pramaan based on Authentic, Integrated, Government application and Database. The overall Scope is being transformative that is to realize Indian Talents and Information Technology for INDIA TOMORROW.

“DIgital India” is an Umberlla Program covering many departments and the program weaves together a large number of ideas and thought into a single comprehensive vision. So that each of them is seen as a par tof larger goals. Each Individual element stands on its own but is also a part of Large Picture.

Vision of The Program:

  • Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen: which includes High Speed Internet, as a core Utility shall be made available in all Gram Panchayats
  • Governance and Services on Demand: in the form of single window access
  • Digital Empowerment of Citizens: which means Universal Digital Literacy.

Pillars of the Program:

“Digital India” Program is formulted with Nine Pillars for its Achivements.

  1. Broad Band Highway : which includes broadband for all rural covering 25 lakh Gram Panchyats by December 2016.
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity: covering the rest of uncovered villages by 2018.
  3. Public Internet Access Program: Includes National Rural Internet Mission covering 2.5 lakh villages by 2017, involving service centres for service delivery and also role of post offices to become a Multi Service Centres.
  4. e-Governanace: reforming government through technology, involves Governement Business Process Re-engineering using IT to improve transactions in the form of simplification and online application and tracking for school certificates, voters ID cards, etc.,
  5. e-Kranti: It is the form of electronic delivery if services in the form of e-Health Care ehich includes online Medical Consultation,             e-Education which involes free wifi in schools, Technology for Justice: with the help of e-Courts and e-Police, Technology for Farmers: for real time price information of inputs including online trading.
  6. Information for all: which involves online hosting of Information and Documents, involving two way communication between citizen and Governments with the help of MYGOV.IN. Governemnt trying to engages by social media with the citizens for the Information Sharing and to make awarness about the development in the country.
  7. Electronic Manufacturing: with the target to attain the “NET ZERO IMPORTS” by 2020, focusing on the semiconductor fabricaton plants for production of Electronics Goods.
  8. IT FOR JOBS: which involves in Training one crore people in towns or in villages in next five years which includes a Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) in north eastern states.
  9. Early Harvest Program: which involves SMS based diaster alerts to the citizens, includes BIOMETRIC Attendances for all the Central Government Offices..

Video Outlook for Digital India.

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