Second Administrative Reform Reports.

ARC Reports
ARC Reports

Government for the Efficient Functioning and Governance, has setup the Second Administrative Reforms Commssion, which works on the each and every dimensions for the improvement of the Governance. Totally till today (02/12/2014) there are 15 Reports.

Reports are:

Report 1 : Right to Information.

Report 2: Unlocking Human Capital.

Report 3: Crisis Management.

Report 4: Ethics in Governance.

Report 5: Public Order.

Report 6: Local Governance.

Report 7: Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution.

Report 8: Combatting Terriorism.

Report 9: Social Capital.

Report 10: Refurbishing of Personnel Administration.

Report 11: Promoting e-Governance.

Report 12: Citizen Centric Administration.

Report 13: Organizational Structure of Govt of India.

Report 14: Strengthening Financial Management System.

Report 15: State and District Administration.

Courtesy:  Second Administrative Reforms Commission.


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