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Set GOALS to know your destination to achieve a CROWNING GLORY in the journey of fulfilling life.
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How do we take a measure of our lives?

What is life well spent and what exactly is a waste of a life?
When in our twilight years, we sit back to take stock and wonder if we took the right decisions and made the right choices ; when we try to figure if we did justice to our potential, how would we take a measure?

There are some targets nature sets for us before we come into this world.

We are born,we grow,procreate, our bodies bloom, decay and ultmately we die.

Then there are the goals society has pre-ordained–we educate ourselves,get employed,marry,have children,educate them,help them settle in life and then, sit back to relax our weary limbs in the wintry sunshine of our lives.

Most people are happy just following this,the general order of things.
They get on in life,find partners,match their rhythms to each other and finsih up well satisfied with a life they consider well lived.

And then there are those who prefer to march to their own drummer, or make their own music.

These are the people who prefer to break the mould and strike out on different and more daring paths.

Their vision and ambition drives them to look further than most and set themselves shifting goal posts.

These are the achievers who excel in whichever fields they select.

The classic example is the meteoric rise of Barack Obama!.

He is a out of the box thinker and achieved a crowning glory in the
journey of his life becoming the President of USA.

He belongs to the tribe of navigating a different and daring path for
nurturing his burning ambition of achieving something great and extraordinary.

There is this yen in some special people that leaves them restless
and dissatisfied till they achieve their desired goal.

However you never get onto a train without knowing its destination,do you?

In order to live a meaningful life, it is important to set ourselves
certain goals so as to be able to measure life by our achivements.

The pleasure of setting little goals as we go along and achieving them
can give immense satisfaction

1.Start by standing back and looking real hard at yourself.

2.Figure out your strenghts and weaknesses and what makes you happy.

3.Examine the realms of possibility,aim a bit beyond them.

4.Break your goals into samller targets and get going,promising yourself reward at each stage.

5.With age goals and motvators change;so keep reviewing your goals
with a fire in your belly.Keep shifting the goal post.

However ,we can also set ourselves goals that if achieved, make us better human human beings.

And this can be done only if we have good understnading of ourselves,our weakneses,strengths and opportunities.

So get set, on a march in the journey of your eventful life GO!

Nurture a burning ambition to be different from others to achieve a PINNACLE OF GLORY FOR YOU.

Wishing you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

So long adieu till next week,

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