DISCOVER YOURSELF Find out what makes up your personality

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Be a Brand NEW YOU!
DISCOVER YOURSELF Find out what makes up your personality

Sometimes, a wake-up call is what it takes to shake you when you feel very diffident and despondent.

Well, it’s time to wake up to the fact there’s much more to life than just ‘problems ’!

Too much focus on the sad parts is something of a whirlpool, from which you can step out with help or support from your inner circle of family and friends. But the step has to be yours! The least you could do is to applaud yourself for coming out stronger.

Realise that while at times it is only human to complain and fret about our lot in life, sympathy is a station where a lot of waiting happens, but the train stops only for a little while! And then you’re on your own.

So, what are the steps to move ahead for a more meaningful life? The decision to reclaim all that you originally were, a happy, contented soul, is a big one. It has to come from within you.

Rediscover yourself.

Make a list of who you really are, what your goals are and where your interests lie, all that which go on to make that wonderful one-of-a-kind creature called YOU! It is funny how your worries seem to melt away while you’re chatting, and laughing away with your buddies over mugs of hot coffee or even online! Remember, all those endorphins add up to your happiness quotient!

Rediscover the essential YOU.

Identify those things which excite, interest or stimulate you.

It could be that extra hour of television, or that good old song, reading that new book, starting on that picture you’ve always thought of painting or even trying your hand at that intriguing recipe!

Not all relationships may weather the emotional roller-coaster that you’ve been through.

Accept the natural spin-offs as new friends emerge in the long run. Why not forge meaningful friendships with those who have cared enough to meet you half-way?

Enjoy the act of giving and sharing.

Being part of a larger group or volunteering for a worthwhile cause does steer us to a sense of purpose that we might otherwise have been missing. At home, you can also pursue hobbies which involve the process of nurturing such as gardening or cooking. They teach us to care for something outside of ourselves and assume greater responsibilities, step-by-step.

Writing down your thoughts in a private journal or blogging can prove to be equally therapeutic. Smile and have a good word for everyone around.

If possible, set aside a day to think of only the good side of people, this will restore that positive balance you may have missed for quite some time. You will be amazed at how much negativity you have unlearned and at how good you feel at the end of the day!

Read up on new places around the globe and catch up on the headlines, if you haven’t already! Take responsibility for your actions and be of some help when you can. Keep in mind that you DO count in the scheme of things.

Prioritise your daily schedule to make time for all those things that you genuinely care for. Some time for exercise or yoga and a few minutes in silent meditation on a daily basis shut out the world and kindles a healthy respect for yourself and for life in general.

Meditation helps us learn the magic mantra — to be wired to the present moment always.

Life may at times be beset with problems, try and see the light at the end of the tunnel. And remember, ‘This too shall pass.’ Most of all think and stay positive. After all, hope is the eternal fuel that charges the machine of our life forward.

Start wearing your thinking act and be a out of the box thinker from now on!

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